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Tandem paragliding is an exhilarating experience that allows you to fly with a qualified instructor. Here is some important information: Equipment: You will fly in approved equipment designed specifically for tandem flights. It supports up to 200 kg and includes an emergency parachute. Weather conditions: The ideal wind for take-off is between 5 km/h and 15 km/h. Very strong or light winds can affect safety. Also, watch the clouds and avoid large, dark ones as they can indicate turbulence. Procedures: Before takeoff, you will receive instructions on the procedure. During takeoff, remain upright and follow the pilot's instructions. After takeoff, you can sit back and enjoy the flight. Magical experience: Paragliding offers a unique sensation and incredible views. You can also take photos and sometimes even fly the paraglider. If you are looking for a cheaper experience to learn about hang gliding, the instructional tandem flight is a great option. Enjoy this adventure in the heights!

*Discover the Thrill of Flying in São Conrado!* Have you ever imagined feeling the freedom of flying like a bird? Come and experience the incredible feeling of flying over the beauty of Rio de Janeiro on a paragliding flight in São Conrado! - *Unforgettable View*: Enjoy a unique perspective of Rio's beaches, mountains and forests. - *Safety First*: Modern equipment and experienced instructors guarantee a safe and exciting adventure. - *Adventure for Everyone*: No experience necessary! We take care of everything so you can enjoy every moment. Book your flight now and enjoy this unique experience! Get in touch and reserve your place in the sky of São Conrado!

We will do a paragliding flight in São Conrado, one of the most beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro. We'll be taking off from Pedra Bonita and during the flight I will allow you to take control of the paragliding, always with great security. In addition, we can see Floresta da Tijuca, the first brazilian Golf Clube, the favelas of Rocinha and Vidigal, Barra da Tijuca, Cristo Redentor in a distance, besides the beaches of Leblon and Ipanema. Our landing will be at Pepino Beach in São Conrado. An unforgettable experience!


The average flight time is 10 minutes. With good wind conditions, we can fly for longer. You have my guarantee that I will do everything to fly as long as possible.


Our adventure begins at CSCVL headquarters, at Av. Prefeito Mendes de Moraes, near number 1,505, at São Conrado beach, Rio de Janeiro / RJ, CEP 22610-095. There, we will make your club membership, the payment of the life insurance and club fee - both mandatory. After that, we will take the transport to the flight ramp, located in Pedra Bonita, from where we will take off.

The tour ends at Pepino Beach, in front of CSCVL headquarters.

For you to take home all the tour records, I offer photo and front-of-flight footage with GoPro Hero 5 cameras, plus the 360-degree photos of Theta camera - all inclusive in ride amount.

You do not have to worry about the flight equipment, I use what the market offers best so that we make a totally safe flight.

The tour is allowed for:

- persons over 18 years of age;

- in the case of adolescents over 16 years old, it is permitted to fly only with the authorization of the legal guardian.

 Pregnant women are not allowed to fly.

I left my career in sales to do what I love most in life: flying. I have 25 years of experience with free paragliding, I am certified as a double flight instructor by the Brazilian Free Flight Confederation (CBVL) and associated with the São Conrado Free Flight Club (CSCVL). I was Paragliding Technical Director of the CSCVL for 3 years, being responsible for the paragliding flight operation in São Conrado, dealing with the needs of instructors and students daily. I also do double paramotor flight. In this modality, I participated in the break of Guinness World Records with the largest number of people flying paramotor together in May 2019, Itanhaém / SP.

My greatest pleasure is to bring you the joy of achieving the dream of flying! Always in climatic conditions totally favorable, with much comfort and security that you deserve.


READ WITH ATTENTION Makfly has high definition equipment. Go Pro 11 and 9 cameras. Camera insta 360 2. Paragliding Flow panorama year 2023. Equipment with steel carabiners. Sol paraglider harnesses. Lightweight helmets with a programmed impact system. Car for transport to the ramp. The club has a high-tech system and has a weather station. You will have life and personal accident insurance in your flight already included in your package.


Fulfilling your dream of paragliding is an unforgettable experience that provides a unique feeling of freedom and adventure. Imagine yourself floating gently through the skies, with a stunning panoramic view all around you. The adrenaline mixed with the tranquility of the flight creates a perfect combination that invigorates the mind and spirit. Paragliding is more than just a sporting activity; It's an opportunity to connect with nature in a totally new way, feeling the wind on your face and admiring the landscape from a privileged angle. If you have always dreamed of experiencing this sensation, now is the time to do it and allow yourself to live a magical and memorable moment.